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Luba Evans

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9 Years in Practice
New York, NY


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Luba is an evolutionary visionary, tantra teacher and internationally known lecturer on spiritual, personal and holistic health issues. She has been dedicated to the evolution of consciousness as far as she can remember herself, working with individuals, couples and groups all over the world. “I am here to to help restore the ability to feel and love, maximize our potential as human, rejuvenate, heal, shift to a whole new dimension of possibilities. Life is sacred. Every moment of it is priceless.”

She is the founder Galiana Meditation Retreat and Divine Feminine Arts Certificate Program.

Galiana retreat is located between New York and Boston. Galiana hosts retreat for evolutionary couples, singles and families based on world core spiritual traditions.

The Divine Feminine Arts Certificate Program is a deep self-rediscovery process, which allows students to return to our pure and sacred identity and unleash the immense healing, ecstatic and creative power that resides in each woman. Women  become radiant, warm, sensual, creative, wise and passionate beacons of light for their communities.

Luba is an author of two books "Healing the BrokenHeart", " Anyone Can Meditate ", and two plays: "When the Gods are Laughing" and "Dreamcatcher".