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Leela Sinha

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Are you attracted to power?
Do you wish you were?
How about pleasure?
Do you wish you were?  Or that you weren't?

So often people in our culture have a conflicted relationship with power and pleasure--you know you need to claim it, but either you're uneasy about having it or you go overboard and piss people off.

Power is a great thing.  Along with money and creativity it's a fantastic part of life...if used well.  And pleasure is your best, first direction-finder. If you're squeamish about power or pleasure...or maybe a little too fond of them, I can help you find that sweet balanced spot where they meet.

I've been a lot of things: a parish minister, an IT worker, a massage therapist, a cabinetmaker, a sexuality educator, and always a catalyst for change.  When I discovered coaching I found my best calling.  Now I coach, I write, I speak and give workshops, and I consult...and I love it.  I'm equal parts irreverent, hardass, and compassionate; I'll hold you to your dreams and you might cry but we'll definitely laugh on the way.