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LM Masiello

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Verona, NJ


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Aging in Place and Universal Design

I will help you enhance the safety, access, visibility, mobility and over-all comfort within your home, whether it’s for now or forever - for you or for a loved one - within your home.

Create A Healing Space

Do you crave a healing space within your home? I will create one for you, whether it's for spiritual, meditative or sanctuary purposes. We all need a place in which we can recharge, regroup and revitalize ourselves, in order to lives our life to the fullest.

Color Your World

Heal yourself with color! Did you know that color plays an important role in healing the body, mind and spirit?                                                   On an unconscious level, color elicits a strong psychological response in all of us. Use color to your advantage by surrounding yourself with healthy, happy, healing colors in your home.