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Spirit of Tao is a school of traditional Taoist practices and the resultant of Jeff & Janice Godfrey's cumulative efforts of over a 14 year period of training in the development of body, mind and spirit. Spirit of Tao offers Taoist Arts of self healing and awakening that include the KUNLUN® System, Gongfu Tea Ceremonies & Classes, Qigong, Tao Yin, Meditation and more.

Jeff & Janice have taught throughout the U.S, into Canada & Mexico and in seven countries via their online Skype sessions. In January 2014, they closed Portland Kunlun School and left Portland Oregon to travel & teach across the states. They are currently 'wandering' and teaching the country and will relocate on the East Coast to open a new Taoist Retreat Center.

Jeff's Background: Jeff holds a B.S in Criminal Justice from Westfield State University in Massachusetts. He continued his studies in pre-medicine, eventually entering medical school at the National College for Natural Medicine in Oregon for Naturopathy & Classical Chinese Medicine. He has received training from and apprenticed with many PhDs, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Herbalists, elite fitness trainers and studied Asian energetic healing modalities. In 2001, he began to learn many qigong styles focusing on zhan zhuang for over 9 years. In 2010 he became apprenticed to Sifu Max Christensen on Big Island, Hawaii. He focuses his life to the development of the Golden Dragon Body and teaching the Taoist Arts of Internal Alchemy.

Janice's Background: Creative in nature, Janice has a background in art and music which started at the age of five. She attended Westfield State University in Massachusetts with a major in Art History. Her creative focus has been skillful tea making, painting, photography, classical piano and web designing. Since 2000, Janice has studied different types of healing and energetic modalities and practiced various styles of yoga, qigong and meditation but never felt a true connection… not until her very first experience with the KUNLUN Arts. It was at that moment and upon meeting Max Christensen in 2008, that she dedicated her life to this path and teaching the Taoist Arts. She lives the art through commitment within her practice, her teaching and living in harmony with the natural world.