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Kendal Au

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Massage License Pending - No massage yet!

Kendal is a Certified Pilates Instructor trained by Body Arts & Science International.  She has studied Pilates for post-physical therapy recovery with Lizz Roman & Marcelle Parry at EHS Pilates in San Francisco & received NMR (NeuroMuscular Reprogramming) training, a method of "manual therapy" which, when most effective, quickly retrains faulty & injurious movement patterns, relieves stress in muscle & connective tissues, improves range of motion and relieves pain.  She has been practicing since 2006.

Kendal compulsively reaches for a holistic view of the body.  Most recently, she completed her Massage Therapist training at Northwest Academy of the Healing arts and her LMT status is pending.  She is also training to be an Evolutionary Health Coach and an Herbalist.

She has tested her training on her own injuries and illnesses and has worked with a broad number of injuries and surgeries among her clientele.  Her "specialties" include knee injuries and pre-& post natal work, thoracic outlet syndrome and associated disorders, and piriformis syndrome and associated disorders.  She has experience with bulging discs, and hip and knee replacements and more.  She can work with your current healthcare providers to design an effective program for your.

Kendal has enjoyed swimming, gymnastics, running and martial arts, and of course, Pilates.  She is also a community muralist and activist.

The Pilates Method has given Kendal a wonderful outlet for her scientific interest in the human body, her athleticism and her desire to help people.