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Kelly KennyHallaghan

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14 Years in Practice
Halifax, Nova Scotia


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With over ten years of experience in bringing you complete holistic health and wellness, Kelly believes in the all-encompassing 'mind-body-spirit' approach to wellness.

Having studied many modalities of wellness , Kelly utilizes the best forms of holistic health for your specific needs.

Kelly was introduced to aromatherapy as a child and has schooled for many years in perfecting and honing those skills of a wellness practitioner.

Along with this, Kelly uses Iridology, Hypnotherapy, Alternative modalities and counseling to complete a wellness package for you.

Meditation and Guided Imagery are relaxation methods to help 'ground' you.

These practices, combined with your primary care provider, help you to lead a very fulfilled life.

Distance healing can be in the form of telephone therapy. This is achievable in letting me know that you wish to conduct sessions by telephone. Intake forms will still need to be received. All information on the intake form must be filled out, to help facilitate your session. Phone consults can be done for any counseling, but all other therapies must be conducted in person. Payments can be made by e-transfer and must be sent prior to the phone conversation taking place.  Once your payment has been sent, the appointment can then take place.  You will not incur any long distance fees in your session.  Fees for phone sessions are:  30 minutes - $85.00, 1 hour - $165.00.  For your convenience, credit card payment can be accepted, just ask in advance about this convenient service, it takes a few minutes to approve then a session can begin.