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Growing up the youngest of 4 brothers and one sister was was a very active life from day one. I love being outside, and tried to keep up with my siblings playing whiffle ball, basketball, capture the flag, and kickball. My parents both got doctorates in education and deeply valued higher education.

We grew up eating casseroles, and sugar became my emotional medication when I became stressed. I was hypoglycemic. I would suddenly get tired and not know why. I was on the blood sugar roller coaster. I started learning about nutrition on my own.

My family moved to India when I was 7 after my father landed a job as a headmaster of a school in Delhi.  This changed my life. Living in a very different culture opened my eyes to the privilege I had experienced living in the U.S.

I think living in India when I was young made a strong imprint on my psyche. It widened my view of life. I witnessed a man healing a person who had a seizure with acupressure.

Living in a culture that was thousands of years older than ours gave me perspective on what is important and what is possible.

Suddenly a year later my father was killed in a car wreck.

My mother moved us back from India when I was 9. My family settled in Amherst, so that my mom could start a doctoral program. Growing up in Amherst gave me a very advanced outlook on health and life. It is a very progressive area with respect to the environment, food, community, and health.

All of these events have led me to want to support healing in people. I have done a lot of my own healing on many different levels and have learned a lot. Bringing this depth of understanding through my own suffering with PTSD from my childhood, and witnessing others suffering in India as well as practicing since 1989 has deepened my understanding of health.