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Juna Berry Madrone

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Ashland, OR


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Each of us possesses special gifts that can further planetary evolution.  My mission is to help you to identify your gifts and to succeed in developing them.

I am naturally clairsentient.  I am certified as a facilitator in both Soul Memory Discovery and Indigo Work.  My training as a ritualist is as an ordained Kohenet from Kohenet The Hebrew Priestess Institute.

Modalities that I use include Tarot, Soul Memory Discovery, past lives readings, dream interpretation,  karma release, and transformative ritual.

Intuitive card readings penetrate to the heart of issues in the light of your soul purpose.  Topics for exploration can include right livelihood, business decisions, relationship evaluation, weighing options, problem solving, self-knowledge, and future trends.  I have devised a Jewish mystical system that transforms a 78 card traditional Tarot deck into a powerful tool for self-exploration.

My work is equally effective long distance and in person.  I invite you to check out my website and give me a call to see how I might support you on your life's journey.