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It is my great delight to help you find more ease, joy, peace and love in your life. I offer soul centered healing sessions and individually tailored yoga sessions.

Soul Centered Healing
In a soul centered healing session you will be assisted to release trauma, stress, depression, confusion, stagnation from your being so that you can move from dis-ease to ease. As you do this, naturally, radiant health, peace and well-being result in the body, mind, heart and soul.

I have a background in shamanic healing, energy healing, counseling and flower essence therapy. With the support of these tools I offer a deeply caring and transformative space in which to support you to move into greater harmony and balance.

In a session:

I serve as a spiritual companion on your journey. Together we will uncover what is blocking you from experiencing ease, joy and 'success' in your life.

Through dialogue, energetic sensing and intuition, I will assist you to discover what is the priority for attention in your session. I will then assist you to unwind and release any limiting blocks or energy patterns that are stored in your field. According to your needs the session will unfold using any combination of dialogue, visualisation, energetic healing, drawing therapy, movement, and shamanic healing processes.

Between sessions your ongoing transformation will be assisted by the use of flower essences. These are powerful vibrational remedies that radically help you to step out of ways of being that are not serving you and into healthier more positive ones.

If you’d like to book a yoga session you may choose a 1 hour session, 1.25 or 1.5 hour session. You don’t need to have any experience. I will tailor the session to meet your needs. I offer a hatha practice which can range from deeply restorative to a faster paced flow depending on you, and can involve chanting and meditation as requested.

"Julia is a pure healer embodying wisdom, compassion and the ability to see and restore the spirit within. After each session with Julia the direction of my life has changed and corrected course back to my truest higher path. The result has simply been extraordinary... Be prepared for life changing moments and your spirit to be free! "
~ Ben Mercer