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Jennifer Kiel

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Burlington, VT


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Jennifer Kiel

Certified Massage Therapist & Massage Instructor

Fostering wellness.  It is truly my passion.  Teaching massage has given me new insights into clinical treatment planning and a heightened awareness of the various dimensions of the human body.  I strongly believe that the physical body has unlimited healing potentials, and massage is my expression of this understanding.

I believe that massage therapy is an Art and a Science.  Art in the sense that each practitioner has his or her own flow, and natural rhythm.  As a painter must learn the right brush stroke techniques to achieve a certain effect, so must a massage therapist have a strong foundation in efficient technical soft tissue manipulation.

This is where the Science comes in.  Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, and Pathology are all extremely important for a skilled practitioner to grasp.  With this grounded understanding of anatomy, the massage therapist is then able to get creative.  The logical left brain and the intuitive right brain work in synch to create treatment sessions that can result in a masterpiece of wellness.

When not teaching massage or treating clients, I can be found hiking the mountains of Bolton Valley, biking or running through Burlington, or reading about the wisdom of the ancients.  Qi gong, gardening, identifying wild edible plants, learning the Tarot, enjoying outdoor sports during all seasons, and keeping up with current events are a few of the things that fuel my journey.

I look forward to sharing the unlimited potentials of massage therapy with all those who seek this awareness.

With Gratitude,

Jen Kiel