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Janet L Meyer

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I provide guided EnergyScan services which are energetic readings to identify food incompatibilities, environmental incompatibilities, organ systems imbalances, infections, toxins and inflammation. See

Using a photograph, the service can be provided remotely, and I communicate with the client via email. A complete chart in pdf format is emailed to client with the results.

Guided and energy-tested recommendations are also included with the results of each scan.

For humans, I also provide remote ecapsules, which are electronic medicine using color, light, sound and geometric patterns with the energetic signature of agents of healing such as homeopathics, herbs, and hundreds of other substances. The ecapsule may be personalized or one of our standard eccapsules on our software HTS system. The ecapsules are delivered by computer.

These services are also available for horse, dog and cat. They are accessible at

I have a medical background, and I am a certified equine bodywork with a BS in biology, and a Ph.D. in education. I was introduced to the HTS system 6 years ago by my integrative veterinarian and developed my own tool of EnergyScans in response to my connections to benevolent spirit guides.

All readings are guided.....and I function as a medical intuitive.