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I believe that your energy diet is important for good health just like your food diet. Energy is everywhere and in everything and affects the quality your of life.  Your personal energy is affected by your mind, emotions, nutrition, health, environment, and relationships (with God, yourself, and others). Healthy energy supports a strong constitution, a hopeful attitude, and a strong faith in the the Divine perfection of life. Holistic Integrative healing is rooted in psychosynthesis - or the congruence among mind, body, and spirit,

I'm delighted that academia is increasingly interested in analyzing how energy affects human lives. In 2015 and 2016 I received the honor of participating as a Reiki Research Professional in Harvard University/Center for Reiki Research's study evaluating the benefits of Reiki. I've also participated in other academic studies such as:
  1. Brown University 2007: Qualitative Assessment of Spiritual Medicine and Faith Healing Practitioners in the United States.
  2. University of Southern California 2015: Medical Anthropology: Shamanic Reiki.
  3. University of California, Santa Barbara 2015: Universal Life Church Ministers and Reiki Practitioners.
  4. Harvard University/Center for Reiki Research 2015, 2016: The Therapeutic Benefits of Reiki.
  5. California State University, San Marcos 2016: Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Nursing.​
  6. Mount Saint Mary's University 2017: Reiki in Integrative Nursing.
  7. California State University Fullerton 2019: Spirituality in Social Work.

l strengthen my own energy with daily prayer, meditation, and connecting with nature
When I'm not working you'll find me playing outside, riding horses, running, biking, cooking, and spending time with loved ones enjoying the simplicities of daily life.