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Rachael Johnson

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Rachael Johnson began exploring healing arts and meditation in 2003, after a series of intense and transformational life events.  She is the founder of Emotional Alchemy™, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Certified Apprentice of KUNLUN ® System, through Ching Fung Dao Shr, Max Christensen .

Rachael’s early years were shaped by the rural beauty southern California.  Rather than attending school, she had the opportunity to discover the voice and rhythms of nature through nearly uninterrupted immersion.  Her time spent in trees and wandering creek beds was a far higher education than some may imagine.

While attending college at New York University, Rachael was initiated into spiritual awakening through a series powerful dreams and ego-shattering experiences.  During this time she was educated in the origin of world religions and delved into the art of sound healing, playing weekly concerts with the Himalayan Voices at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors ( COSM ). Since returning to California, Rachael has been trained in Craniosacral therapy and apprenticed under a Biodynamic Osteopath for over a year.

On Chinese New Year 2008 Rachael met her root teacher, Max Christensen.  That day, a lifetime of searching found fulfillment through direct transmission of the heart of awakening. She has been teaching KUNLUN System internationally since late 2008, and is currently wandering the United States, following Tao. Contact Rachael if you would like her to teach a class in your area.