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Heidi Craig

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Ojai, CA
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I practice ACE Holistic Healing, which incorporates three different modalities. (This type of energy work focuses on the whole being - mind, body, spirit & emotions.) I specialize in sobriety, rehabilitation & detoxification.

A - Angelic Assistance (I work specifically with Archangel Raphael & the healing angels. Archangel Raphael's name literally means "he who heals" or "God heals")

C - Crystal Resonance Therapy. This is the practice of consciously engaging the energies of a stone or stones to affect changes in the physical, emotional or spiritual bodies. I do this by pulling three to seven Crystal Ally Cards for you that represent the seven main chakras: Root - the base of the spine / Sacral - Lower abdomen / Solar Plexus - between the navel & base of the sternum / Heart - below the collar bone / Throat - base of the neck / Third Eye - above and between eye brows / Crown - above the top of the head.

E - Healing energy from the Universal Life Force that is channeled from the healer to the client to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain and fatigue.

As an empath I am acutely sensitive to the feeling of others. I have the ability to actually feel another's pain and use ACE Holistic Healing to help heal the total being. Because I pick up on the feelings of others, I have a great understanding and ability to really "see" the other person.

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to spiritual teachings and healing. As my life has progressed, I have continued to consolidate my spiritual gifts with a view of helping others achieve holistic healing and inner peace. This has given me invaluable insight into helping to support others who are drawn to a life of spiritual harmony.

I studied Reiki under Dharmadevi at the Yogananda Institute and hold a certificate of Usui Reiki Master Teacher. In addition to this, I have studied under Rev. Michelle Francine in the Souls Embrace Spiritual Mentor Program at the State of Being Wellness Center in Santa Barbara, CA. I am a certified Angel Healer, Energy Healer & Crystal Healer.