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Benita Kaniki Medical Massage Therapist

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18 Years in Practice
Cambridge, MA


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Benita Kaniki Licenced Massage Therapy in Massachussetts.
I currently work at Chiropractic  Office:
Cambridge Family Chiropractor : 2285, Massachussetts av
Cambridge MA 02140

Woburn Spine Center: 189, Cambridge rd #8
Woburn MA 01801

Natural Healing
315, Main st Melrose MA 02176

Mobile Massage services

Delivering the Healing art  of  Massage Therapy to you

Help rehabilitate injuries, increase a clients relaxation, reduce overall stress.
I provide health Therapy for many different types of problems:

- anxiety, pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica, headache, digestive complaints, sports injuries,
motor vehicle accidents, cancer...

I work on clients of any age, including children, adults, elderly patients.

Your medical insurance may very well cover the costs of Massage Therapy.
Please, contact me to verify benefits.

Come experience the healing power of  Medical Massage Therapy!

Benita Kaniki.