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Hi, I'm Jordan.

I am passionate about exploring and sharing the best systems available for personal and planetary transformation.

Since 2004, I have helped thousands of people awaken their potential and accelerate their learning curve in the school of life.

I am a Certified and Initiated Modern Mystery School Guide, Healer, and 3rd step Celtic Shaman Ritual Master. I've also studied in numerous other systems, including Mayan shamanic practices, Native American shamanic practices, Usui Reiki, Jikiden Reiki, Divine Intervention/Spontaneous Remission, Light Language, many forms of Yoga and meditation, Rosicrucian studies, Universal Kabbalah, Pleiadian Lightwork, psychic reading and healing, extensive work with several Indian gurus for healing, mantra work, ritual, meditation, darshan and more; Integrated Energy Therapy, Rising Star Healing, Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, esoteric Christianity, neo-pagan practices, and more.  I received a BA from Bard College in 2003 in Multidisciplinary Studies of Anthropology, Religion and Theater, completing my undergraduate thesis on the application of Shamanic healing and initiatory practices to Creative Arts and reviving the Soul of education, self-discovery, and community while writing and directing theatrical performances based on Shamanic methods of self-knowledge.  I also am a certified massage therapist and have completed a 900-hour training program through Cortiva Institute-Boston (2009).

After seeking for a long time, sorting through many systems and practices to find what worked best for myself, something in me "clicked" when I found the Modern Mystery School and became Initiated in 2005.  My entire life accelerated.  I became much more capable of truly living my life purpose.  My mind and emotions came into sharper focus, with a keen understanding of what I really want and need, as well as the guidance and trust from within MYSELF on how to "get there".

I went to the second level of Mystery School Initiation and training, Healer's Academy, in 2010, and this sharing Mystery School work with others has blossomed in my life ever since.
These tools give me a platform in which to make higher choices for myself, and enjoy the fruits of my life with joy, trust, passion, fulfillment, and self-love.

​Mystery School is not a classroom.  It meets you where you're at and enhances every aspect of your being.

I look forward to sharing this set of tools with you!