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As a child sitting in church with my family ~and No real source of information~ I always "felt" drawn to a more "Nature Based" Spirituality and thought that the Native American "Ways"  were a better course of direction. I thought to myself...More Respect/Balance/Natural. Now remember at that time I truly had No idea what those words Really meant. Fast forward about 20 years and I am living in the US SouthWest. I met many Traditional Elders and my "real" education began. ~ AND it "felt" like I had found my "niche" I have found Many answers and Blessings in all of the Ceremonies that I was taught about and eventually participated in. Even before writing this I have smudged mySelf with White Sage asking for direction and purpose.

I cannot remember when I actually started Learning about Rocks/Crystals but I have been "hearing" them as long as I can remember. They are an everyday and intrigal Source of Information and Healing for mySelf and anyone who crosses "our" Path.

I am also an ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery since Oct 2013. I specifically sought this ordination to be legally able to perform Marriage/Funeral/Baptism Ceremonies with regards to any Specific needs/requests of the people involved. Once again Respect and Balance are Always of my utmost priority. I have Not decided on a fee for such Services at this time.

I  also Host a weekly Spirituality Chat on a mental health support site for a little over 3 years now.

I am very dedicated to this Journey I am on and Sharing whatever I can with any who may come across my Path. I have literally survived my "Trial by Fire" when I caught myself on Fire burning 27% of my body and spending about 7 weeks out of state in a burn unit back in June 2012. I "looked" to the Lessons~ instead of having a "pity party" or simply giving up~ and can honestly say I have received Many Blessings from what was Truly an ordeal both physically and mentally and emotionally. I also discovered the Great Source of Strength within and my Spiritual beliefs/Sources were a Huge help!

Let me add just one other thing~ I have had Several "lucid" dreams of a very Spiritual Nature some of which are only New beginning to have Meaning in my Life now. One of those showed me that I will Share my "Ways" a blend of the Wisdom I have received and recognized thus far on This EarthWalk.

Brightest Blessings!