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GN Reiki Meditation Center Prakash

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Under the blessings and guidance of Great Spiritual Masters, GN Reiki Meditation Center is a “Spiritual Center” dedicated for serving the humanity and guide the “Souls” to the fully awakened state through the actual path of life (The Path of TRUTH). Also, with a wide range of spiritual activities... and techniques for healing and spiritual growth the center is working as a producer of new and powerful healers for the creation of a society full of Peace, Joy, Prosperity, Enlightenment.

Anyone can take part and attend the holistic counseling and the healing sessions. Every individual with receptive and open heart can experience the divine flow of energy and blessings from GURUJI and numerous known and unknown spiritual beings (Siddhas-mahasiddhas, gurus-mahagurus), gods, goddesses, deities and the energy frequency from higher dimensions helping and guiding us in the inner process and activities for transformation and uplifting of every individual soul towards the PARAM SATYA (ULTIMATE TRUTH).

We are always eager and very much pleased to help and guide the individuals seeking to achieve their highest state of consciousness with a healthy, pure and sound body, Peaceful mind, compassionate and silence heart, and evolving and growing soul finally unleashing themselves to the higher dimensions of existence and to the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Very powerful and unique systems of healing and alternative therapies are offered which can be applied in daily life for self and others, along with the SPIRITUAL Practices capable of connecting straight forward to the higher dimensions are offered with which everyone can grow and rise themselves in a technical and practical manner in the immeasurable and mysterious field of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE.