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Gena Bean

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8 Years in Practice
Boston, MA
Cambridge, MA


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Classes, Workshops, and Lectures in Stress Reduction
Specializing in Mindfulness

Gena Bean is a Cambridge-based consultant and instructor with extensive training in stress reduction strategies. Since 2004, she has taught stress reduction techniques through lecture, class and retreat, in service to hundreds of individuals and numerous organizations.

Gena teaches participants to address the fundamental causes of stress in the workplace and in life. Her personable teaching style is grounded in experiences from her own meditation practice that began in the mid-'80s. She offers workplace stress reduction, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and yoga.

Stress is a kind of routine for many of us. It can be difficult to take the steps necessary to reduce stress on one's own. In Gena's classes, students are deeply supported in developing effective stress reduction strategies that build greater happiness.