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The birth of a baby is an exciting, life altering experience as a new or larger family is born after pregnancy, labor and birth.  Sometimes parents need more help at home than they had expected.  Many new parents need a gentle reminder of their baby’s normal growth and development, and insight into normal postpartum recovery for the new mother.

Many new parents find themselves unprepared for this transition and out of touch from caring and knowledgeable helpers or mentors.  Years ago, new parents easily depended on their own parents, family members and community members to assist them.  Today, parents and loved ones live at great distances or they may not be in sync with the new family’s needs. A postpartum doula is there to nurture the couple, offer them non-judgmental emotional support, and to unearth the confidence they need in there new role and life.  She is there to help the mother to physically and emotionally recover after labor and encourage bonding, self-care, and patience. Parents are encouraged to develop their own parenting style and to practice self-care while maintaining a healthy rhythm with newborn care.