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My practice addresses the health of your whole being; body, mind and soul. The name of my practice, Grounded Soul Astrology and Wellness, comes from my sense that in order to fully embody our desires and lead a fulfilling life we must attend to our physical health and ground in the physical plane. My practice is founded on the principal that attuning to nature is a prerequisite for creating vibrant health.

The services I offer focus on educating and empowering you to nurture and heal yourself. It is also my intention to provide the space for you to come into a more conscious relationship with your own soul nature and by extension your truest path for this life. By cultivating strong grounded energy through natural health practices, you increase your vitality and in turn become a light for others.

The body knows how to heal itself and it is simply up to you to remove what may be blocking healing and provide what is needed to thrive. Through dietary and lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine, flower essences, yoga asana and pranayama I support clients in creating greater physical, mental and emotional health.

Through evolutionary astrology I hold heart-centered, safe space for you to explore current questions or difficulties. Astrology is a beautiful tool for gaining a more objective perspective and deeper understanding of current situations. I am dedicated to helping you learn to care for your physical health, but why are you here in this body in the first place? Astrology provides insights into this core question among many others. The birth chart is an intimate portrait of your past and present and can help empower you to make the choices that most support your ongoing evolution.

In all of my work the focus is on grounding in the present and addressing the root cause of imbalance. I offer personalized support to those who may be experiencing a chronic illness, an acute condition or who are seeking to shift repeating patterns.

My training includes a bachelor's in philosophy and master's of science in nutrition as well as years of study and internship in clinical herbalism at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism and the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine .  I am also a dedicated student of the School of Evolutionary Astrology and of Ayurveda through the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine .  In addition to holding private consultations, I teach yoga and serve as adjunct faculty in nutrition at the Community College of Vermont.