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Ashley Mavon

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I love practicing Soul Memory Discovery.  It works with the aura to shift our emotional frequencies-it feels so good to transform our energy!  Our energy fields are really amazing, they hold the information from our souls, which includes past life information.   This is such a wonderful tool to discover the origins of what we are experiencing now and achieve deep transformation.  We move "stuck" energy.  It works from a distance so we can interview on the phone or skype and then you receive healing from afar-equally as effective as in person sessions.

I have a BA in Psychology but never resonated with classifying people into "disorders" and giving them drugs.  I have not been "psychic" forever.  I've been practicing since 2010, when I had a huge personal shift that opened my intuition. I've been accessing information ever since, and life just gets easier, and easier.  I love helping people access their intuition as well by clearing blocks in their fields.