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Stacy Kimble

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My background is in Nursing and in 1997 I was introduced to CranioSacral Therapy by a physician that I was working with at the time. The profound changes that I witnessed in patients as they received a session blew me away and I thought, wow I have to learn more about this. We were seeing patients that were labeled chronic pain and were on extensive pain management programs walking out without pain and then completely off pain medications after a few sessions. There were people coming in who had such tremendous back pain and difficulty walking that they walked with a cane and were leaving without needing to use a cane after several sessions. We also treated many other medical conditions that were not responding to mainstream medical treatment and seeing amazing results. So this was the start of my love affair with alternative medicine and I have continued to practice and train in other modalities , such as Myofascial Release Therapy, Acupressure, Process Acupressure , Aromatherapy and Reiki to have a wide variety of services to offer a wide variety of clients. I continue in medical practice as well and continue to build a bridge to unite conventional medicine with alternative medicine to serve clients in a more holistic way.