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I come from a family lineage of psychics. My personal journey began when I started meditating daily with the mantra of, “opening my gifts to be of service to this world.” Within months I experienced visions with full auditory and visual abilities. My life became full of odd sequences of events, that led me to places of healing. These healings left me in trance states for hours. I was able to understand a new concept of time and love. Instructions on how to assist people in shifting and healing themselves were transferred to me.
At the time I did not understand all these changes that were occurring to me, so I sought out learning the different healing modalities that were available. I came to realize that, the matrix energetic foundation of quantum physics; best describes what I received while in a trance state. I then continued to study a few more modalities such as Reiki and theta healing, and the ways of the shaman.
I can help you to journey backwards to the time of an original wound that has slowed you down from reaching your destiny. Desensitize that event, so moving forward in life, is a joy.
I was also given the gift of feeling the flow of the energy that surrounds and makes up the essence of everyone. This guides me both in the intuitive and healing aspects of my work.
I would be honored to assist you on your journey here in this lifetime