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David "Dayalan" Clark

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San Francisco, CA


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David attended IPSB, The International Professional School of  Bodywork in San Diego attaining the HHP, Holistic Health Practitioner certification (1005 hrs) with a specialization in Traditional Thai Massage. He is also a CMT, CA certified Massage Therapist.  David’s business, 4d Bliss, is located by Dolores Park in San Francisco. Through 4d Bliss he offers luxurious bodywork treatments and holistic healing modalities including Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Neuro-muscular Therapy (NMT), Sensory Re-Patterning, Yoga Therapy, Nutritional Supplementation and Wellness Consulting. David offers Yoga, Meditation and Traditional Thai Massage in retreat settings throughout California and the states. He has a great continued interest in Ayurveda and continues study.

David is a certified Yoga Instructor of “Deep Yoga”, a hatha yoga featuring asana, pranayama & meditation. He studied under Bhava Ram and Laura Plumb at DYSHA, The Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts in San  Diego. David is also a certified Integral Yoga Instructor, having completed the Basic TT at the Integral Yoga Institute San Francisco in the fall of 2012.