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Daniel Morningstar

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Berkeley, CA

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I've been practicing the healing arts for the past 15 years after a series of my own health issues sparked my interest. Healing is my true calling in life and it brings me great joy to help people restore their natural health and vibrancy.

My training began in 2001 with an 8-month residential program in Massage Therapy and Korean Shiatsu from the Dahn Healing Institute. During that time I lived with Chi Gong Master Gracie Park, waking up at 5am every day to do our meditation practice and spending our weekends fasting and performing ancestral healing ceremonies. The following year I did my first 10-day silent Vipassana retreat and it quickly became the foundation of my spiritual practice. My love for meditation continues today and I typically spend 2-3 hours every day meditating. In 2003, I began studying Reiki intensively under Ellen Sokolow, hosting regular Reiki circles at my house for over 4 years and organizing numerous Reiki marathons and retreats.

Finally after many years of helping people with Reiki and Massage, I discovered my true passion in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I completed my training in 2015 and have never looked back. I'm perpetually amazed by the depth, precision, and effectiveness that's possible with Craniosacral Therapy. Things that would have taken months or years to heal with other treatments can now be resolved in a matter of a few sessions. If you've never experienced this kind of work before, do yourself a big favor and come try it out today!

** IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR PREFERRED TIME AVAILABLE - CONTACT ME and I'll do my best to schedule you in.