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Dalia Mateus

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I am a passionate being that loves to help others. This was something I knew for sure! Only time could tell me how.

Most of my life experiences either personal or professional, helped me built a better and clear perspective of the way I could help others!

So here I am - an intuitive spiritual healer by nature, a Professional Massage Practitioner, a Meditation Facilitator, an Author, a dance lover, a passionate and curious being for newer and better ways of living that involves technology. Overall an essence of an Artist!

Here is a brief resumé of my dedication to Body/Mind/Spirit Work:

In 2012 I was formerly trained as a Raynor Practitioner and have developed this Naturopathic Massage throughout the years.

2014 became a Dorn Method & Breuss Massage Therapist (Spinal Therapy).

2015 started a new journey that will be dedicated in understanding more and more of the Quantum Energy reverting back to the studies from the East and a mix of ventures of other tribes around the globe. All this was triggered by Clinical Shiatsu and Japanese Acupuncture which I am now a formal and eternal student until I finally can apply the research I do when the time is right.

2016 the year of full transformation and start of a new Journey - lots of Great Things are Happening right now and I will update this portfolio accordingly when time permits.

Nowadays, I am sharing a variety of Health & Beauty services either treating the body and mind as guiding our paths in a more connected way with Spirit. That makes this whole life Journey worth while to see in others their happiness returned/remembered!

I am grateful for everything that has happened in my life and I share with you that my intention is to guide and to create conscious awakening in each individual, either through Health & Beauty treatments, Spiritual Coaching, Meditation, Books and Videos.