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Christopher Davis

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13 Years in Practice
Philadelphia, PA

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I come with 13 plus years experience and I am passionate about my work...I am very flexible and open and believe that a thorough assessment is what makes it possible for me to tailor each massage to my clients specific needs....I also am well versed in a variety of modalities as well as eastern medicine which allows me to pull from a vast storehouse of knowledge and experience so that my clients get the advantage of having more options and choices wjen it comes to their treatment...I think one of the greatest things in my work is to have the honor of giving someone their very first professional massage....I ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO SET THE BAR VERY HIGH BY GIVING MY VERY BEST AND CREATING A CALM SAFE ENVIRONMENT....if you are looking for possibly the most unique and effective massage experience you have ever had then you are reading the right profile...I believe that all of my clients come specifically to me and that there is a HIGHER PURPOSE to our meeting that means much more than a muscle rubdown or relaxation treatment...I look forward to working with you and I cannot wait to meet you.