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Carolyn Osborn

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As a Mindset Alchemist, my specialties are performance sessions for Equestrians and Performing Artists. Working with a horse and rider before going into the show ring has helped many teams get past the blocks that keep them from doing their best. I am also a trained violinist, so I have extensive experience working with musicians and other performers reduce their stress and anxiety, as well as clear old beliefs that keep them from achieving the success they desire. Improving the mindset and physicality creates a winning combination for success.

I specialize in working with animals, especially horses, dogs and cats. They love the energy and are very responsive, especially when clearing out old traumas, injuries and behaviors. Being a horse owner and rider, I have seen the benefits of adding in energy medicine techniques that can compliment regular veterinary care.

I have been working with energy medicine now for 10 years. I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, and Certified Accunect Practitioner.  I am a distributor or Young Living Essential Oils, giving you another way to enhance your healing and health for both you and your animals. With these different tools, I can work with you on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, enabling you to make more permanent shifts to greater health and healing.

The beauty of energy medicine and my practice, is I can do the sessions in person or as a distance session (Skype, phone, or email), which are equally effective.