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I live and work in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 16 years as a Complementary Therapist, Energy Healer and Meditation Teacher. MA=RaY Light is a new therapy I developed in 2012. I now have conducted 1,000 cases since then both hands-on and distantly to clients all over the world with exceptionally good results. I am a Past Life Regression |Therapist and do many other complementary therapies such as Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Swedish Body Massage and Reiki.

Mindfulness and Guided Meditation Classes on offer too.
Got to You Tube to listen to excerpts
The Healing Cabin
Heart Hearth

Please go to clinic website for testimonials and further information about my work
and click on my name under the Practitioners bar.

I have also 2 books on Diamond Light Children available on Amazon for families and young children/adults. Title is Magic Carpet Journey in New Eden
Listen to an excerpt on You Tube under same name

I look forward to hearing from you.