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Caleb has always been drawn to the healing arts, and began his studies at Florida School of Massage in 2008.

Most recently, he has been trained in Shamanic energy medicine through the Four Winds Society, where he studied the ancient wisdom and medicine from the Q'ero lineage of the Andes. He became a full mesa carrier in November, 2013.

Through his own profound healing journey and personal transformations, Caleb has developed a passion to assist and support others as they courageously move through their own wounds and step into wellness.
As an empath, he is able to connect deeply with others. This leads him to the discovery of their physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances.
Caleb navigates each healing opportunity by the guidance of his intuition. He is blessed with the support of many spirit doctors, ascended masters, and angels. Together they create a sacred, safe space where clients are held with respect and compassion.


Massage: Deep Tissue.

Shamanic Energy Healing: This can be performed through a variety of techniques, depending on what is most needed for the individual.
These include Illumination, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, and Destiny Retrieval.
Caleb works with a Mesa, or medicine bundle of powerful healing stones. These stones absorb heavy, toxic energies as well as remove unhealthy imprints from the chakras.
He is often led to incorporate sound healing through rattling, drumming, tuning forks, whistling, and singing.

Energetic Land/Home Clearings: Caleb is available to clear Homes and Land from harsh energies, Earthbound spirits, and Ancestral Karma.

Combination sessions can also be arranged.