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Denise Bolds

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Denise Bolds holds a Master's Degree in Social Work for over 15 years, she has done case management for high risk pregnancies. Ms. Bolds is very comfortable in the hospital, birth center, or home for births. Ms. Bolds is a successful single parent of a 24 year old son who is now in Education Administration. Ms. Bolds is also a published author, her book "Raising Princes to be Kings; A Single Black Mother's Guide to Raising Her Black Son can be found on Amazon. She is also a internet radio show host and producer of Black Motherhood Empowerment. She is also certified in Perinatal Bereavement.
Bold Doula! provides comfort and a sense of security that there is someone there for the mom: an advocate, educator and a companion. As a holistic birth doula, Denise is a trained professional in securing the safe and empowered birth a woman wants. Having her as your doula takes the stress out of uncertainty and the unknown; the inherent apprehension so many women face no matter what race or income level. Having Denise as your doula means that she is solely focused on you; once you are in labor she will not leave your side until your baby is born and you are stable. This empowering service is priceless. Bold Doula! welcomes first time, teen, high risk, military, same sex, VBAC pregnancies. Motherhood by CHOICE not by CHANCE!