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Integrative Health, offering healthy life changing results for people who are determined to achieve life goals, releasing inhibitions & embracing vitality.

I have been helping people heal for over 10 years.
As a Certified Registered Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Certified in various Massage techniques I  wanted to learn more about the life changing possibilities that came naturally to me.  I embarked on a very intensive 3 year training course in Health Kinesiology or Natural Bioenergetics Therapy as some may know it.  I am also trained in other modalities as a Sport Nutrition Adviser, Geopathic Assessment, Scott protocol, Healing Touch and many more therapies that all play a part in a persons healing journey.I have worked with all types of people from Hockey Players to Doctors to Domestic Engineers to Business People.

We have all been given the power within to heal ourselves.  Sometimes we just need a little help and clarity to keep us on the correct path and to heal our bodies in the way that they specifically need and are ready to be healed.  Some of the issues people have come to me about would cover such things as : Anxiety / Stress, Infertility, GERD, Prolonged Pain, Weight loss, Addictions, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Depression, Work related problems, etc.   Every body responds differently to treatments and all options are always presented as possibilities, including working with your Doctors.

Prevention is the best defense from any Dis -ease and may include a variety of modalities and nutritional supplements, herbs and even walks in nature can be remarkable healing tools. I look forward to working with you and helping you to accomplish your goals whether it be landing that new job, new account, reducing your stress, improving your health or developing a completely New Vibrant Lifestyle!

To book your personal Bioenergetics Session please text or call 7783495069

Advent Body Health
Integrative Health, Changing Your Outlook!