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Be Wild Woman is a women’s healing center that empowers a woman to feel at home in her body, safe, nurtured and loved.  Be Wild Woman offers healing programs and community events that teach, support and inspire women.   We are located in New York City on the Upper West Side.  Be Wild Woman was founded in 2006 by Wild Woman Healer, Kiana Love to create a safe space for women  to be wild.  By wild we mean growing and living in your natural state, free to be you.

Here at Be Wild Woman, it starts with loving and nurturing yourself.  Be Wild Woman provides the tools and support for you to reclaim your body, your feelings, your truth and your wild joy.  Though you can’t change what happened in the past, you can change what is true in your body today.  Today you can create the safety you need to be wild, free and in love with your life.  Learning how to reclaim my body helped me move from feeling anxious, depressed, ashamed and uncomfortable with my body to feeling innocent, self confident, empowered, sexy and free to be and express myself.  I know it can help you too.
Kiana Love ~ Founder of Be Wild Woman

Would you like to feel comfortable, joyous and free in your body?

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About Kiana
Kiana Love, founder of Be Wild Woman, holds a B.S. in Behavioral Science from the University of Houston, and has certifications in body mind healing and holistic health.  She is a Reiki Master, Integrative Energy Therapy Instructor, Holistic Health Counselor, Herbalist,  Sacred Centers Chakra Teacher and Healer, as well as a  Vinyasa Yoga Teacher.  Kiana draws from her personal healing journey, studies of the feminine, sacred sexuality, nutrition, creativity and energy healing to empower women to feel at home in their bodies, safe, nurtured and loved.