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<P><SPAN style="TOP: 24px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">I first became interested in alternative healing at the age of 20. I was experiencing </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 46px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">unusual pains in my legs and went to the doctor so he could tell me what was </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 67px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">wrong.  Instead, he told me, "It is all in your head".   Those were his exact words! </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 89px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">But… the pain was not in my head, it was in my legs!  His words changed my whole </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 110px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">focus on healing and my life's journey. </SPAN></P> <P><SPAN style="TOP: 110px" class="xr_tl xr_s44"></SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 153px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">Since that time, I have read dozens of books on "alternative healing", health foods, </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 175px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">acupressure and many more topics, and applied many of the principles that I </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 196px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">learned to my life and to my family's lives. I was the third oldest of ten children, </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 218px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">and I believe that I was the child with the most ailments! </SPAN></P> <P><SPAN style="TOP: 218px" class="xr_tl xr_s44"></SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 261px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">However, since using the information I learned and changing my diet, I became </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 282px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">much healthier.  I also used to have severe migraine headaches and "regular" </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 304px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">headaches were common.  At the present time, I do not recall the last time I had a </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 325px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">migraine or a headache!</SPAN></P> <P><SPAN style="TOP: 368px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">For years, I have desired to use what God has given me to share with other people. </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 389px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">I have dreamed about opening a "place" where people who are hurting, </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 411px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">emotionally and/or physically, could come to partake of my knowledge and </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 432px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">experience… receiving help with healing… body, mind and spirit. </SPAN></P> <P><SPAN style="TOP: 432px" class="xr_tl xr_s44"> </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 475px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">During the past year, I have learned much more about frequency, vibration, sound </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 497px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">and music, all of which are very healing… not only for people but also for animals!</SPAN></P> <P><SPAN style="TOP: 540px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">At the age of 64, a huge shift took place in my life.  A new chapter opened when </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 561px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">another one closed and I moved in a new direction.</SPAN></P> <P><SPAN style="TOP: 604px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">I attended a C.A.R.E. (Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education) </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 626px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">workshop, and learned about using essential oils. I also attended a Vibrational </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 647px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">C.A.R.E. workshop, where I learned about using tuning forks to enhance the </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 669px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">benefits of the essential oils used, delivering their properties at a deeper level, </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 690px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">helping to balance the body's energy.</SPAN></P> <P><SPAN style="TOP: 733px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">I was literally drawn like a magnet to the tuning forks, and would play with them </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 754px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">whenever the opportunity arose!  After completing the workshop, I searched the </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 776px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">internet and read every website I could find that had any information on tuning </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 797px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">forks.  The more I learned, I knew my life had changed and I would focus on </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 819px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">tuning forks as a modality.  </SPAN></P> <P><SPAN style="TOP: 819px" class="xr_tl xr_s44"></SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 862px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">My Healing Mission is to educate and empower people to connect with the area </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 883px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">within themselves that can lead to healing by using all techniques and </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 905px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">interventions I have, or will acquire, to help them learn how to overcome health </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 926px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">challenges.</SPAN></P> <P><SPAN style="TOP: 969px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">I have made a commitment to maintain a high mastery of alternative care and to </SPAN><SPAN style="TOP: 991px" class="xr_tl xr_s44">be innovative in seeking out new methods for optimal health.</SPAN></P>