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Starry Blessings~

I became enthralled with Astrology (& Tarot) at age 12.

Q. What’s a reading with you like?
A. In our session I use encouraging, clear language to reveal the strengths and challenges of your unique chart.  Together, we have a conversation about how to create your best life possible.

Q. How is a live reading better than online?
A.  I use my intuitive astrological skills and deep compassion to synthesize your chart as a whole and then share what will most help you. With a real life person, Astrological charts can reveal your consciousness, while a computer can only describe your aspects in pieces. Interestingly enough, my readings tend to take on the personality and needs of the person I am reading for: maybe it's my Pisces Moon!

I am a believer that we are each an essential
part of a loving Universe.
I offer intuitive Astrological counseling
for genuine transformation.

Using Astrological tools, I help facilitate the wisdom and wonder of the natural cycles, and we can connect to our genuine selves and co-create the world of our dreams. In a way, a reading is an initiation into a deeper communion with the Universe and your soul journey. You can expect to experience more ease, flow, and synchronicity, once you feel more aligned with your life here on Earth.

I offer the following readings:

• Natal • Birthdays • Newborns •

• Career • Relationships •

• Group Readings •

• Monthly Counseling • Personalized Astro Art •

Free 10min intro consultation

In person, by phone, or online

References Available  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

More Starry Blessings FAQs:

Q. How can an Astrological reading with you help me?
A. “Knowing thyself” is how we learn and grow as human beings. Astrology gives us information and insight for going deeper into our life purpose and navigating opportunities and challenges with awareness and grace. I specialize in helping persons seeking to understand themselves, their world, their relationships, or seeking clarity on a major life decision.

Q. What are your particular areas of interest ?
A. I work well with and understand those looking to be more open and positive to opportunities, even though it can feel very challenging to be open and positive at times. I understand sensitive persons (highly sensitive persons) and survivors of all stripes. Starry Blessings is about bringing out and strategically looking at your best life possible, gaining a new perspective and more optimistic outlook, as well as making the most out of upcoming transits and changes that come up.

Take a look at my background to see how we will jive, as I have a background in social sciences, working with artists, and various healing and spiritual modalities. Healing and growth in all areas are possible with courage, love, and support, and I can help you with this, as well as with making suggestions and referrals to energy healers, next steps, meditations, ect. Underneath it all, I believe we live in a “magical” Universe where everything has meaning and I want to share this magic with you. :)

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Starry Blessings Offerings

Readings are confidential and include consultation and written report. Money Back Guarantee.

**There are many more details for each offering on my online Ecwid store

Birth/Natal Chart $90

Career or Love Mapping $50

Solar Return/Birthday $40
(no consultation)Your birthday chart/energy for your coming year
Monthly in depth readings

$80/per month/3 months
Includes moon report, transits, weekly check-ins, progressions, and other helpful tools.
We begin with a with a natal reading.

Couple’s Love Readings $200
Includes both your needs in relationship, Composite (your 3rd chart that is your conjoined chart) and Synastry (comparison of energies).
Composite chart available separately for $50 (better for new relationships you want more clarity on).

Hand-drawn Astro ChART $200
ChARTs link & click “Store”

Family Readings/Constellations
We share special astrological patterns with our family. We may be working out the family karma, or perhaps learning from or teaching our family. Yes, it truly may be a cosmic joke that you were born into your family ;)

I also love doing charts for infants/children to help their caregivers with ease and insight. Also looking at how your chart interacts with your children is very helpful because your children are also teaching you.

Group Readings
I specialize in group readings for the clients of healers, coaches, therapists and teachers. Are you in the helper profession and want to expedite and more fully empower your clients’ growth? Click this link to detailed info here.

Alison’s Bio & Short CV

Astrology has given me much peace of mind through understanding the truth of myself, others and my relationships. I am drawn to help others find deep insight to realize their unique authentic self.

Together we clarify your personal story to one that is hopeful, encouraging and motivating. My deep sensitivities (Pisces Moon), intuition (Triple Aquarius), and optimism (Sagittarius Rising) will help you claim and venture towards the next stage of your life.

Astrology counseling is a natural progression following 10 years of independently curating transformative site-specific art events, assisting artists, and being interested in spiritual art. As a preteen I delighted in astrology, tarot and the unseen. By my Saturn Return age 28, I rediscovered my previous calling of astrology and spiritual teachings.

Here are my classes, training and education:

BAs in Studio Art & Sociology, Drew University, 2001
MA in Contemporary Art & Art History, Purchase College, 2007
Jenna Avery’s Highly Sensitive Person’s online “Essence” program, 2008
Kiana Love’s Be Wild Woman 9 month Chakra intensive, NYC, 2009
Antero Alli’s Astrologik online class, 2009
Adam Elenbass’s one year Nightlight Astrological training program, NYC, 2011
Katja Esser’s Courting the Living World apprenticeship, Earthlands, MA, 2011
Luz Elena Morey’s Embodied Evolution & Rebirthing, Brattleboro, VT 2013
Marlboro College’s Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Brattleboro, VT 2013
Marie Forleo’s online B-School, marketing for entrepreneurs, 2013

I would love to hear from you!
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