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Who Is By Hand?
By Hand is an entity by which Anthony Long, sole proprietor markets and advertises the services he provides.
What Is By Hand?
By Hand is a Healing Arts & Services provider, dedicated to the greater good of all of humanity, starting with the client's personal and spiritual growth.
Where Does By Hand Come From?
The tools for healing and spiritual progression that By Hand provides have been handed down from teacher to student within one of the 7 Ancient Mystery Schools. Anthony Long is a 2nd Step Healer's Initiate into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light within the Lineage of King Salomon, as handed down through sacred ceremony within the Modern Mystery School.
Where is By Hand Going?
By Hand and hundreds of Empowered Lightworkers in 47 countries worldwide are dedicated to bringing about the Shamballah energies, or Heaven on Earth. No small task, and each step begins within oneself.
What is By Hand's Purpose?
By Hand will bring forth greater awareness to the divine powers that reside within each and every human being, facilitate healing of karmic patterns & emotional blockages, and encourage empowerment through Meditation, Healing, and Life Activation.