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Anna Maria Panici

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Los Angeles, CA


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I am a certified Hypnotherapist, Past-Life Regressionist and Energy healer.
Although I was born with an innate, intuitive sensitivity to people's energies and understanding of the Universe, it took me a few years of "waking up" to my gift and accepting it as my purpose and career. After graduating college with a BA in Linguistics, I decided that energy healing and teaching manifestation was definitely my path, so I got certified as a Hypnotherapist at the nationally accredited HMI (Hypnosis Motivation Institute). Since then, I have fully immersed myself into learning, practicing and working with the Law of Attraction, Theta healing, Reiki, nutritional healing, hypnosis and all types of manifestation techniques. I offer all this knowledge, intuitive spiritual guidance and personal guidance to help you get free, clear, healthy and manifest the life of your dreams!