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Born and educated in Germany I established my multifaceted career in the healing arts in 1991 with a degree in Physiotherapy from the University Clinic Cologne. Since moving to San Diego with my young son in 1992, I have dedicated myself to enhancing the lives of others through my healing, teaching and being of service. I received my Holistic Health Practitioner license from Healing Hands in 2002, going on to owning my own successful private massage/physical therapy practice in beautiful Encinitas, California. Dreams do come true! As an Empath I have always been acutely aware of another's physical, mental and emotional pain and I am truly grateful to be able to live my purpose, assisting you in your healing and mending the trauma and wounds of your past. Trust my skills, experience and warm, genuine presence to help you gain and maintain optimal health and balance of your whole being. Whether you are looking for traditional massage, energy medicine, spiritual counseling, or my unique blend of all three, your healing will be profound and lasting.

I fully stepped onto my Shamanic Path by enrolling into the Light Body School at the Four Winds Society in early 2013 with the clear vision of integrating and teaching this beautiful, ancient healing tradition here in the States, as well as abroad. We are facing big challenges in our rapidly changing world today and I am excited to share with you dynamic, empowering tools for a purposeful life, both individually and in community. My astute, down to earth and humorous pursuit inspires you to take stewardship of your life, creating a vibrant and fulfilling future. I offer individual shamanic coaching and ongoing classes in small setting.

My intention is to bring the mythical practice of Shamanism into our everyday reality through a grounded, inquisitive and experiential approach. Drawing on my colorful life experience, compassion and insight I assist you in connecting with your authentic source of power… your Soul.