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Esme Carino

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Angel Therapy is a healing modality that incorporates the Divine Army. Angels are here to serve the Universal Source Energy by helping us live in peace. They are eternally willing and available to aid us on our quest for clarity and expressing our Divinity.

I am devoted to raising the energetic vibration of each person and the collective consciousness. A vortex elevates the energy of my treatment space to allow a clear connection with the Divine and offer a peaceful path that reveals your Divine Light and Love within.

We welcome all. May your Light shine for all to witness.

Esme Seraifiel Carino is an inspired spiritual healer. After training in Kona, Hawaii with Dr Doreen Virtue, as an Angel Therapy Practitioner (2010) she has devoted her time to guiding others to finding their own light. Her own angels and guides have urged her to develop her healing skills by training as a Reiki Master (2011) and completing her spiritual training as a New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Facilitator (2012).