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Mary McCallion Dempsey

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Achill Island, EU


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Mary is a Spiritual Practioner and qualified counselor and hypnotherapist. She has been studying and working in the field of Personal and Spiritual Development for over 25yrs. Her work is inspired by her own healing experience and transformational journey. It is her story that ignites and awakens deep healing in others who are struggling with the impact of deep loss trauma and or addiction, blocking them from finding and living from their own Authentic Self  with Purpose.

The essence of her work and her studies has evolved into her core belief that all healing on all levels is based on our ability and willingness to self care. Our culture does not make it easy to self care and ultimately almost rewards self neglect and sacrifice, especially for women.

She is totally dedicated to encouraging and teaching self care as the Miracle Healing she believes it is.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Theology & Psychology , diplomas  in Counseling & Hypnotherapy, Angel Therapy, Suicide Prevention & Postvention, and Biocognitive Theory, Mary’s customizable and personalized approach to the care and treatment of her clients makes her revolutionary in healing and the restoration of self and spirit.

Mary creates a safe, magical setting for clients to move beyond unnecessary suffering and lifelong pain in order to create and improve health, relationships, and career and financial success.

Her focus is healing and finding meaning and purpose to recover the joy for life and living.


"I help people uncover their unconscious beliefs and perceptions about themselves that are creating a life of self rejection and struggle. I work from the belief that everyone is significant and magnificant and I help people reconnect and find that place inside them. Feel how that would set the stage for everything and propel your life's directions and outcomes and creations. It forms the basis of everything, the who the what the why. It is what gives you the drive to follow your bliss, believe in yourself and create your dreams. This is the basis of the workshops and retreats that I hold ( in a magical place by the sea) to help you know that you are significant and have a purpose - to get to know what you believe, what you value, and unblock your natural creative energy - let go of resistance and self sabotage. I am passionate about helping people to get beyond their undercurrent of toxic wounds like shame, betrayal and abandonment. We have all experienced these on some level - these are the part of the human condition. Problems come when we allow ourselves to believe that we are these emotions and that we are our thoughts. These emotions can be insiduously lurk in the background of every thought that you have and so we begin to believe that we are those feeling . I teach people to get our of their own way through self care that opens up a whole new world of love for self and others.This creates Miracles."

I am excited and happy to be working alongside world reknowed Hypnotherapist Wendi Friesen and colleagues here to bring these revolutionary and deeply liberating methods to help people who have been struggling and caught up in the devastating cycle of addiction to not only stop and prevent relapse, but to empower them with new beliefs in themselves that lead them to the internal change and self-identity they can be happy with.

This work brings the best of many strands of the new knowledge available to us through hypnotherapy NLP and neuroscience to create the direct hit that finally brings peace love hope self-respect, self-value, inner strength and compassion. She now offers the following options.