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Amarnath Stimson

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Portland, OR


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I was born on March 17, 1985, and grew up in a country outskirt of Fairfield, Iowa. My parents, Mark and Alexandra Stimson, had moved there to be involved with the blossoming Transcendental Meditation community and start a family. Much of my immediate and extended family members are artists and meditators; this lifestyle is in my lineage and upbringing. I was educated alongside my siblings, Albert and Rae, through Fairfield’s community of home scholars. At fifteen, I left the familiarity of Fairfield to study visual art at Interlochen Arts Academy, a boarding arts high school in Michigan for two years. I returned to Fairfield before my senior year for self-study and re-centering. Next I journeyed to Baltimore, to attend Maryland Institute, College of Art. I ventured into an exploration of darkness and the unknown, fueled by the air of a hurting city. I made passionate works, observing with innocent awe that people carried so much pain on their backs and never found respite. I then decided the only way to study anything, especially art, is to study Self. I met Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) in 2003 and she filled my life with love and meaning. In her divine presence, I saw my art and healing practices as not only a path to Self-Realization, but as a path of service to humankind. Amma brought me to the awareness that Lord Shiva is my beloved deity, and initiated me in his mantra. Amma gave me the name Amarnath, meaning “Lord Shiva, God beyond the Gods”. I am currently meditating, painting, and practicing healing arts at OneDoorLand, in SE Portland, OR.