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Hi, my name is Amanda Froelich and it is my highest joy to assist you in recognizing and attaining your most optimal health.

I am a live food and cooked vegetarian/vegan chef, RHN (holistic nutritionist), ISD-certified Detoxification Specialist, Reiki II Practitioner, and ACE-certified Personal Trainer.

I am also the founder of Bloom for Life, a conscious living and holistic healing website which shares in-depth all of my offerings, tons of free recipes and inspiring articles, and e-books, menu plans, and more of which I have created to help YOU!

I have experience living and working at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center (Arizona), Finca de Vida (Costa Rica), Pomegranate Cafe (Phoenix, Arizona), and Verita Life (Bangkok, Thailand).

If you choose me to help you reach your goals, you will not be disappointed. I am extremely intuitive, look at the whole person (al four facets: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), map out the imbalances in your body, and set you up with an individualized plan that works for YOU based on your main complaint(s) and long-term goals.

Together you'll learn how to make LIFESTYLE changes and LOVE the life you live. Feel free to visit my website and learn more at .

Amanda Froelich