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Alokananda Walla

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At the core of his being Alokananda is an intuitive healer, wisdom keeper, channel and initiate in multiple healing lineages. Through his commitment to healing he shares many gifts with both individuals and large groups; some including Consulting, Wellness Coaching, Violet Alchemy Healing®, Qi Gong, Body Work, Yoga, Sound Healing, Bio-Core Integration©, Ceremonies, Shamanic Healing, Channeling, Activations, Tribal Kirtan, & The Dance of Liberation©. Deeply inspired by and committed to the “mystic thread” that is woven through the various lineages, Alokananda has become an embodiment of the “Rainbow Warrior” sharing his own authentic relationship to Energy work, North & South American Shamanism, Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Qi Gong, Bio-Energetics, Tantra and the Ancient Mystery Schools. Alokananda has undergone many trials and initiations and continues to study intimately in direct mentorship with various elders and master teachers in the above mentioned lineages. Alokananda shares a passion for mysticism where it can be integrated the heart, grounded in life & in relationship with self, other, earth and the universe.