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Aliss Wang

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Hello! I work with Emerging Leaders who desire but are afraid of the limelight of success. I help them step into the spotlight so they can create the impact they envision. I am a Dream.Shift.Inspire Coach trained through IPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching), and a member of ICF (International Coaches Federation). I am the Visionary, Producer, Director, and Camerawoman of the documentary and social science experiment Dream.Shift.Inspire. With a B.A. in Liberal Arts from University of California, Riverside, a major concentration in English and minor concentration in Business, I bring a wealth of experience with a decade of experience in sales and marketing for high tech electronics manufacturing and audio codec licensing research and events management across three continents, and several years in television/radio broadcasting and film production. In my past I've provided Chinese to English translation services on Freudian studies. I love working with passionate individuals and groups with compassionate hearts who are ready to take all areas of their lives to the next level now.

My mission in coaching is to help people peel back the layers of life experiences to gain greater awareness and bring balance between our shadow and our light.

A Shift doesn't have to take years. But it does take thoughtful action in the Now.

"The slightest change in My thought and perception,
Creates the most significant shift in My paradigm."

Through our vigilant reflections with connections who come into our lives when we are ready, we gain access to the breakthroughs we have been seeking.  It's all within us. I'm grateful and excited to work with extraordinary individuals like you.