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Melissa Schurger

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Sedona, AZ


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From Marathon racing and Personal Training to teaching Group Fitness, Kundalini Yoga and Ayurvedic Nutrition, Melissa has deeply experienced utilizing and sharing holistic healing modalities for creating a strong, balanced and sustainable healthy lifestyle.  Her continuing education with board-certified doctors incorporating integrative medicine has led her to complete training as an Ayurvedic Master Educator, Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, and 500 hr Yoga Alliance Teacher certified in the Ashtanga, Hatha & Kundalini Yoga traditions.

Melissa now shares her passion for Holistic Healthcare through online and in-studio consultations personalized to assist you in achieving optimal well-being in mind, body and spirit.

Consultation offerings include:

In response to client needs for continuing online support, the UFH Course Library was created to provide access to trusted, optimal holistic healthcare resources.   As we live in the midst of increasing environmental challenges, higher levels of toxins in our food sources and increasing stressors on our sensory and nervous systems, utilizing vital health practices can make it possible to thrive in this modern world.