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Adelaide K stverak

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Fairfield, IA


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HELLO Beloved ones!

I have come to provide my gifts to a larger group of people who would benefit from someone who loves endlessly, and has been subject of many horror movies in real life, but as a multilevel being, I choose to HEAL. I am compassionate as a mothers love, and as gentle as grandma. I am clever and spunky, upbeat and gifted with clairvoyance, clairsentience, as well as I give readings by merely holding one of your hands. If its information, answer to a question, or what your life path looks like and may look like in the near future. I have provided between 500-1000 sessions, and even offered metaphysical advisor at farmers markets. all my therapies and gifts are provided with the utmost professional discretion and the highest level of integrity and respect, and with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND DEVOTION TO YOUR HEALING

limitlessfearless richness and blessings to all!