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Kate Jacques
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Port Elgin,Ontario

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Allow Kate Jacques to tap in to your energy and guide you down your personal path in life.

Kate is an intuitive and life coach who uses her skills to help others improve their lives on their terms to help make their dreams and goals a reality.

At age of 20 Kate went to a psychic to have her fortune told....

That one visit and with the psychic telling her she had a true gift of an intuitive she began her journey using her intuitive abilities to better her life, and those that came to her looking for guidance. And working in her community to help others using these unique gifts.

Kate is a self-taught intuitive reader who has been reading the Tarot and various other divination tools for over 20 years. Although the Tarot is only one of Kate's divination tool of choice.

For the past 20 years through her study of metaphysics, divination and intuition and researching various methods of personal and spiritual self development she has been able to help herself and others to explore and discover who they really are?

And where they are in their present life based on where they have been. And more importantly what they are about to go through in life and how that can impact their future.

Kate has taken classes on psychic & spiritual development and has been actively connecting with the divine through her universal spiritual beliefs for many years.

Kate  has led several workshops on personal and spiritual development including two very successful 14 week workshops based on Julia Cameron'sn “The Artist Way” and also a 10 week workshop based on The Law of Attraction and Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” bestselling book.


As a child Kate wanted to

- Be a comedienne like Carole Burnett and make people laugh.

- A prolific and successful writer and author like March in Little Women

- An actress like Katherine Hepburn and emulate Hepburn's intelligence, drive and independent nature

- To be an inspiring teacher like her Grade 4 teacher, and motivate others.

- A talk show host and entertainer like Merv Griffin, who could get any person to uncover and reveal their unique stories - the funny ones but also the often inspiring stories.

And so.....

She did stand-up comedy in her 20's, and when she decided to forgo a career in comedy she naturally went into Public Relations and Brand Marketing… Doesn’t everyone?

She has enjoyed carrying her sense of humour and her skill at comedy and those early aspirations and goals of her adult life both professionally and in her private life counselling individuals.

In her career as a PR consultant she creates, writes and promotes her client's stories always with the goal to inspire and inform. Clients and audience members have called Kate - ”A talented intuitive, teacher and comedienne, and a born promoter with a conscience who not only inspires, but never fails to motivate.”

Early on in her professional life she was encouraged to become a professional and motivational speaker.

In the last 25 years Kate has created and facilitated workshops and travelled using her humour to inspire and unveil her philosophy about life to audiences of all ages while keeping them first entertained, and then informed.

Kate in her spare time does community volunteering, and writes award-winning motivational stories inspired by her life and those inspiring lives around her.

By doing what she loves to do, by using her intuitive skills and talents and helping individuals and organizations to see their uniqueness and individuality, and by promoting, inspiring, and motivating others she’s been able to not only help others reach their goals and achieve their dreams - but also achieve her own childhood dreams.

Her dreams have come true - of being a comedienne and actress, a driven independent woman, a writer, a teacher and motivator, and an entertainer and storyteller.

See childhood dreams really do come true……

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