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Kendra Prakash
2 Reviews
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8 Years in Practice
Pokhara, Gandaki
Trujillo Alto, PR

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Kendra Prakash Thapa is an experienced professional healer and a spiritual guru. He learnt and practiced the alternative therapies and healing techniques under the teachings and guidance of highly spiritual masters, Traditional Nath yogis and Lamas (The Buddhist Masters). He have helped a lot of individuals to be free from sufferings and problems in their life and motivate towards their proper growth and enjoy life.

Kendra Prakash continued his spiritual activities and started GN Reiki Meditation Center with SHREE KRISHNANAND JI MAHARAJ and started giving classes and healing sessions and developed himself as a true spiritual healer. He did his study in spiritual and para occult science under his Honorable Gurumaa Tapeshwarinnanda Ji from New Delhi, India. Got certified as Grand master in Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Kundalini from Yoga Alliance International and Meditation Alliance International after his deep practices and study under the guidance of venrable guru Swami Vidyanand ji.

With his experience in healing, yoga, meditation and energy works he facilitates complete lifestyle transformations for his clients for achieving the desired state in physical state, mental state, emotional state as well as spiritual state, and he can help you do the same.

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    2 Reviews

    He is a hard working guy either in healing or spiritual activities. He is always trying to create the opportunities and making it the best.
    - HolisticHealingNepal 7/30/14
    He is always available and there is no step back with him in any cases. Great creations and new ideas are fantastic according to the situations and cases.
    - GN Reiki Meditation Center Prakash 7/30/14

    GN Reiki Meditation Center

    Trujillo Alto, PR
    Holy Fire Karuna Reiki
    Usui Holy Fire Reiki

    Pokhara, Kaski
    Reiki Training
    Usui Shiki Ryoho

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