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El Larson
6 Reviews
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10 Years in Practice
Los Angeles, CA
Pasadena, CA

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El [Elizabeth] has been studying Buddhism, yoga asana and sound therapy principles for over 15 years. In addition to rigorous yoga training in Mysore, India and Los Angeles, she taught Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga at AYLA and Liberation in Los Angeles where she developed her sensitivities to energy and frequencies in the body. She is an is an Advanced III Level Student of Tibetan Bowls Sound Healing  of Diane Mandle's 200 hour certification course. She also holds a certificate from Kerala Ayurveda Academy as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor.

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    6 Reviews

    El provided me with a Tibetan Bowl Session and it was one of the most amazing healing experiences I have received in some time. I went into a very deep state of relaxation and meditation where time seemed non-existent. The experience of the vibrational energy of the bowls was incredible. ... Read More »
    - Geeta Novotny 9/4/15
    I started doing session with el about a month or two ago. I came in with really bad anxiety and stress and explained my situation of just graduating college and not sure what was next for me. She really listened and we worked on calmness and releasing these feelings of ... Read More »
    - Katherine Tong 7/30/15
    It was my first time with sound healing, and we worked in a very peaceful space in her home. The ambiance was very inviting, relaxing, and full of nature and love. El was very informative and detailed, and the entire experience was ultimately enlightening. She used many Tibetan bowls and ... Read More »
    - Casey Bollinger 7/8/15
    El's sensitivities are apparent from the first meeting. She is able to detect blockages, open them up and move the energies within you. She is truly a healer and I will continue to work with her.
    - Lori Tong 7/1/15


    Los Angeles, CA
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